Just Like That Love

Love Reboot

Love Reboot

She firmly held handrail with one hand as she slowly walked down the stairs. He held her other hand. He pointed out a wet patch on the next step for her to avoid slipping. With each step, their hands held each other tighter.

The words they had heard ten minutes back ricocheted in their heads.

‘Yes, after all these years, finally, it is positive. You are pregnant. Congratulations.’ The gynecologist had said with a balmy smile.

Through their journey of togetherness; amid marriage, society and career; love had somehow taken a backseat.

First time since their first date ten years back, he opened the car door for her and ensured she sat comfortably before going to his seat.

He inserted the key to start the car, but he paused.

He leaned towards her. He’d kiss her, she thought. He didn’t.

He pulled the lever and reclined the backrest of her seat. With a comforting smile he said, ‘Relax’. That one word, gave her a bigger kick than their first kiss.

Longed-for news rebooted obsolete Love.

Photo Credit: TheSeoulite


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