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A Wisp and The Wind

On the sunny winter morning of a Sunday, she did what she loved – gardening. She had seen them turn from little seeds to lush green, leafy and fruity plants. She loved them as if they were her babies.

Beholding her from a corner of the eyes, he pretended reading a newspaper sitting on the garden chair with a cup of steaming tea in hand.

Sitting like a little wholehearted girl, she dug, sprinkled fertilizer, shoveled sand upside down. A wisp of her hair escaped from behind her ear and dangled in front of her eyes. Gentle breeze swung the wisp. With dusty hands, she tried to place it back behind the ear with her forearm.

Wisp acted stubborn; it resisted being pinned back to the ear to enjoy swinging with the wind.

Quietly, he walked to her and, with a finger, he smoothed away the stubborn wisp neatly back to behind her ear. She looked up with a smile. He smiled back and went back to pretend reading.

Photo Credit: condesign


  1. I absolutely love the way you write. It’s so descriptive and like the person said above, I could feel her annoyance as I have long hair myself. Nice work!

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