What’s in the Name?


His Heart cut to Pieces,
His Soul drenched in Pain,
He sat on a Bench,
Wished the Hurt would Drain.
His Love was Long Gone
In the World far Away.
He could still Feel her
So Far yet so Near.
Her Smell was still Fresh,
Her Voice, too, was Clear.

He pondered in Silence
When a palm touched his Shoulder.
He turned around to See
A Girl Pretty and Bolder.
Soothing was her Smile,
Her Aura so Charming.
Her Eyes poured Adore,
His woe rested Disarming.
The Fire in his Heart
Turned Breezy Cool,
The World was yet so Pretty,
He Ignored, he was a Fool.
A Smile topped his Tears,
Overshadowed the Fears.

‘What’s your Name?’
he asked.
His Smile broadened,
Grief, for awhile, basked.
She held his Hand,
Wiped his Tear.
‘They call me Ashru.’
She said, thick with Cheer,
‘And anyway, What’s in the Name?
What’s it but a measly Frame.’

Note: Ashru is a Sanskrit name, meaning Tears.

Photo Credit: mergger


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