I Refuse

The Rules those are Set
to make You feel Crowned;
for the Fake Frontiers,
I Refuse to Bow Down.
You are free to feel Rejected
Or feel Dejected – Your Choice.
Giggles will adorn my Voice.
Niggle as You wish,
I don’t Care a piece.

To Go with the Wind,
You Pull me Hard,
You are Wary,
Yet disbelieve Hazard;
You grab my Arm
with Your the Shark-like Grip,
I Know the Trick, I let you Slip,
With the Oil smeared Arm,
I negate Your Charm.

I’m a Seed,
with no real Greed,
I’m no Mango,
Why should I ripen?
You are Free to Move On,
While I’d rather Stay Back,
With One Leg on your Boat,
And the Other glued to Infancy
I Stretch, as You Drag,
Maturity is where,
by Choice, I Lag.
Till Strength would Last,
Till the very Last,
I will Stretch, till I Split Apart…

But after all, In the End,
I Refuse to Give Up,
I Refuse to Grow Up!

Photo Credit: RyanMcGuire


  1. Never lose that part of you. Sure, grow up, mature, learn, experience things, become wiser but always keep some of that little kid in you who’s willing to splash in the puddles, get dirty, and just be goofy.

  2. There is some part of us that always refuse to grow up and it’s good to keep that part intact because its the only place where you will find the pure you 🙂 Beautiful poem 🙂

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