The Usual Hero


Some wise men, the elderly, once told me – the day would come when all the efforts I had put in to make you joyous would be disregarded in a jiffy. I didn’t believe them. But they had a reason to be confident of what they cautioned me. They had been there. They knew how it must feel to be overshadowed by some strangers who would swoop in from nowhere and take away all your sweat in a snap of fingers.

But remember, no matter how much you rejoice with them today, how much you hash-tag them, or how much you go gaga over your new purported friends; ultimately it is the Circle of Sevenths. You will come back to me. You will have to come back to me. Trust me when I say this. You will have nowhere else to seek shelter, my dear friend. Nowhere!

I am the Usual Hero, and I will be. Always.

As I warn, you may suspect facing the evildoer at your homecoming to me. But I am too kind deep at my genes to do so. Yes, unfortunately, I am so. I am born to spread smiles. I am born to make you happy. It is not for nothing that you await me fervently- time after time after time.

So rest assured. Do all the fancy stuff that you want to today. Go crazy, share the pictures with you dads, post the yoga selfies, and tag your favorite musicians. Party with your Father’s Day, International Yoga Day and World Music Day. Fine by me or whatever.

Do all that you want to make yourself feel good, sweetheart. I forgive you. I forgive you because you are my lover, my admirer who has lost path for flowing with the tide as a consequence of the dazzling sparkles of the newbie.

Bear in mind though. They would emerge from nowhere and they would vanish in the same nowhere.

I was there ages back, I am there today and I will be there ages later. I am for Forever. I am the one you wouldn’t afford to do without.

I am the Sunday!

Photo Credit: ErikaWittlieb

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