Voyage of a Droplet

He Waited For the Strength
To Take the First Step,
Then He Crawled… and Crawled,
He Crawled Some More Before He Walked,
He Sneaked Through Some,
While a Few Tagged Along,
As Might Got Greater
He Started to Jog,
Those Who Were Left Behind
Wordlessly Kept the Log.
The Teeny Bead Of Raindrop Strutted
On the Boulevards on the Leaf,
‘I Will Make it Through’
He Had the Belief,
Making Through All Alone
Would Have Been Tough,
Terrains Were Rough,
Those Who Adhered
Strengthened Him Big Time,
He Only Gained,
Didn’t Lose a Dime.

At the Tip of the Leaf
He Gasped For a Bit
Recalled the Journey Bittersweet
Closed the Eyes, He Dived,
Keeping All Intact Mid Air,
Holding Everything Tighter Than Ever,
Hugging Them In Strength,
He Crashed On the Grass Tip,
Soaking It With His Own Spirit,
The Voyage of the Droplet Inspired,
As Another Waited For the Strength,
To Take the First Step…

Photo Credit: gillnisha


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