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Heads You Win, Tails I Lose

Interviewing candidates for a position on her project was not new to Sharon. She had been doing it for years.

When it came to interviewing, there had been cases when she knew that the candidate was apt in just first five minutes of the call. And there had been cases when in the same first five minutes, it was a clear cut rejection.

On the other hand, a border-line interviewee was not a novel scenario either. The scenarios when it was hard to decide for a distinct approval or a rejection. Like any other interviewer, Sharon had faced it time and again.

That day was such a situation, the border-line scenario. This time, it was with a twist though. It was a twist that puzzled Sharon.

As she finished the interview process, it left her with a riddle to solve; a riddle within herself.

During the interview, she had realized, the candidate stammered while he spoke.

As a person, Sharon was sane enough to budge that factor aside while judging the applicant’s professional skills. She tried her best to focus on the things that mattered throughout the interview.

But ultimately, it was the information that she wished she didn’t have.

It made it tricky for her to make a decision which would have been relatively easier otherwise.

The ambiguity stayed. If she approved him, she would wonder if her empathy gave the last push to the candidate to cross over the line. And if she rejected, unconsciously, was his constraint a factor behind his rejection, she would never know for sure.

Either way, she couldn’t win with her conscience. ‘Heads You Win, Tails I Lose’ she thought. She remained stuck in a two way trap.

Enough about Sharon; How would YOU decide?

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