I Put In All The Forces,
Plus Applied All My Sources,
I Didn’t Care What I Had To Breach,
What Mattered Was, Where I Had To Reach.

I Was Doing All What I Should, I Thought,
It Was Going So Far So Good, I Thought,
All Was Well, That I Could Tell,
All Was Smooth, Didn’t Need To Compel.

While I Pushed And Pushed Some More,
Hoping My Ship Would Find The Shore,
Just When Sounded Musical – The Verse,
My Heart Took A Pause, It All Turned Terse.

As I Pushed, You Pushed Me Back,
Why Did You Do It, Where Did I Lack?
Oh Then I Realized, It Made Me Exult,
You Were, And You Are, My Vital Catapult.

Photo Credit: rebel1965


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