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You’ve a matchstick?

Rambo plucked out a cigarette from his pack and asked, “Hey man, you’ve a matchstick?”

“Wouldn’t I have burned the world down already had I had a matchstick?” Burny said with a shrug.

“Eh! Whatever.” Rambo ignored.

“Do you know what is wrong with the world?” Burny hung on to being pissed off.

“No. And I don’t know because may be there is nothing wrong?” Rambo said while he managed to borrow a lighter from a passerby.

“To name one of many, it is You. Guys like you are wrong with the world; guys who cannot see the flaws.”

“Unh! Give me a break Burny. You are saying my optimism is bad for the world?” Rambo said and floated a smoke ring.“Of course it is. Unless you see the defects, how do you fix them?”

“But, why would I want to fix them in the first place, when I have the skill to overlook them and be happy?”

“You are just habituated to being imperfect.” Burny said as Rambo sucked a puff of death and offered to Burny, who refused.

“Well really? Aren’t you habituated to… what do you call it? Umm, being gloomy Gus?” Rambo waited to attract a response to this.

Burny remained silent except for giving a cold stare back.

“It is all about how you see it and how I see it. The famous half filled glass theory, you know?” Rambo suggested.

“Yeah, I know.”

“Do you see this cigarette? This half burned cigarette?” Rambo raised it like a toast.

“Yes, I see it. What’s with that?” Burny was irritated at being criticized for being pessimist by his best buddy for so long.

“You would say we have just half the cigarette left. Won’t you? But, I would say we have had the fun of the half that is done. Do you see the difference? Celebrate what you have and what you had.” Rambo put forward a perspective.

“Not really. I would rather say, after we are done celebrating the fun we had with the half that is ashes already, we still have a chance to stub out the remaining and evoke your resolution -fourth year straight- to quit smoking? May be?”  Burny’s authority caught Rambo off guard.

The stares continued for a while before Rambo put out the remains.

Photo Credit: realworkhard


  1. ….that’s what I like……cho**a , matchis hot to salgai na didhi hot aa duniya ne……. 😀 ,

    ….duniya ne to ketliye var maf kari didhi, aa to b*****od , potane maf karva ma hari gaya… 🙂

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